FiberTite® Blue Roof™ Temporary Roof Membrane

FiberTite® Blue Roof™ Temporary Roof Membrane is designed for use on flat commercial and industrial roofs, or sloped roofs, as a temporary roof membrane for damaged roofs until permanent repairs can be made, or as a temporary roof for tear-off areas or new construction until the final roof assembly can be installed.  Storm Damage (resized) Blue (2).jpg

Good for use from disastrous weather occurrences, including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Severe Hail Events

The coating on the roof membrane provides UV resistant performance up to 1 year, and abrasion resistance.  The fabric reinforcement provides both tear and puncture resistance.

FiberTite Blue Roof is a fabric reinforced thermoplastic roof membrane (rolls 100” wide x 100’ long) that can be made watertight by conventional commercial hot-air weld seaming equipment.  Alternate temporary seaming and sealing methods may include the use of FiberTite FTR-101 General Purpose Sealant, waterproofing caulk sealants, or adhesive tapes including Duct-Tape.

FiberTite Blue Roof can be attached by a variety of conventional means depending on the substrate, and/or building roof deck construction, including spot attachment with:  

  • FiberTite FTR-101 General Purpose Sealant
  • Induction Welded Attachment Plates
  • Mechanical Attachment Plates

Roof Penetrations can be temporarily sealed with FiberTite Accessories, including: 

  • Molded Pipe Seals and Corners
  • Flashing Membrane
  • FiberTite FTR-101 Sealant

03_05 custom roll install 2-Blue-1.jpgFAQs

Is this part of the FEMA Blue Roof Program?

No, this product is not associated with the FEMA Blue Roof Program.

How do I order?

Please complete the form below to place an order.

Will there be a warranty for this product?

No, this product is intended for temporary use only.

How large are the rolls?

100” wide x 100’ long

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