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Drawing Title Drawing No. Issue
Flashing "Tie In"*
To Existing Roof System(s)
FTR-DT1 03/01/07 dwg   pdf
FiberClad Metal "Tie In"*
To Existing Roof System
FTR-DT2 03/01/07 dwg   pdf
Temporary "Tie In"
To Existing Roof System* (1 to 2 years)
FTR-DT3 03/01/07 dwg   pdf
Temporary Overnight Seal*
To Existing Roof System
FTR-DT4 03/01/07 dwg   pdf
FiberClad Metal Flashing "Tie In"*
To Shingle Roof System
FTR-DT5 03/01/07 dwg   pdf
Membrane Flashing "Tie-In*
To Shingle Roof System
FTR-DT6 03/01/07 dwg   pdf

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