Ultimate Roofing Protection for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare systems, urgent care facilities, surgical centers and nursing homes require the highest level of building envelope security because any disruption in operations could be detrimental to patient health. These structures must be transformed into secure environments that are guaranteed to protect patients and equipment.

Healthcare facilities depend upon fail-proof roofing solutions that offer a number of diverse benefits, including:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Longevity
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Energy savings
  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions

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Many Needs, Many Solutions

FiberTite Roofing Systems are backed with decades of experience roofing the essential facilities that most critically require protected environments, including data centers, food processing facilities and hospitals. Each of these buildings serves a diverse population and has a unique set of complex roofing requirements. Some of these needs include:

  • Roofing that stands up to aviation environments, such as helipads
  • Green roof solutions for sustainability initiatives
  • Fat and oil resistance due to cafeteria exhaust
  • Chemical resistance
  • Aesthetic appeal

Clients include nationally ranked health care systems that have trusted FiberTite to protect their most critical assets time and time again. FiberTite roofing membranes boast impressive track records in harsh environments, such as those requiring resistance to jet fuel and other chemicals. Other healthcare clients have selected FiberTite for its proven ability to provide a comprehensive roofing solution to meet their diverse set of needs.

For critical facilities, breaches of any kind are devastating to your business – but the cost of a leaking, punctured or
failing roof can be disastrous. At FiberTite, we understand the unique challenges faced by data centers,
food processing plants and health care facilities to meet strict codes and standards, keep maintenance costs down and
to protect the equipment, products and people inside.  
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