The FiberTite Way

FiberTite builds roofing membranes differently.

Learn More How FiberTite is Made

FiberTite controls product quality during every step, from weaving its own fabric to coating and finishing with patented processes.



For over three decades, FiberTite has set the performance standard in roofing with the proven use of ELVALOY™ KEE.


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35+ Year Roofs

We're proud that many FiberTite Roofs have been performing with regular inspections and maintenance after 25, 30 or even 35+ years. We have sampled several FiberTite roofs with at least 25+ years of service. The samples from each roof included both exposed and unexposed membrane. Click below to view project profiles for these roofs. The results speak for themselves!

Inn Maid Noodles | Installed 1981

Inn Maid Noodles

Millersburg, OH
Installed in 1981

View Project Profile
Rubbermaid, Inc. | Installed 1984

Rubbermaid, Inc.

Greenville, TX
Installed in 1984

Sunrise Cove Yacht & Racquet Club | Installed 1988

Sunrise Cove Yacht & Racquet Club

Sarasota, FL
Installed in 1988


A number of our roofs have exceeded the 35 year mark and are still performing.

View THE Fibertite longevity book 



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Customer Testimonials

Of course we think we're pretty cool, but you might be more convinced about FiberTite roofs if you heard from some of our customers.

“It’s amazing to me that a 36 mil membrane that was installed in 1984 is still in service.”
Bill Conley, Conley Group
“Since 1981, I have yet to replace a single FiberTite roof because of membrane failure.”
Mike Hicks, Hicks Industrial Roofing
“The costs over the life of the roof are going to be extremely minimal due to its durability, strength, puncture resistance, chemical resistance.”
Neil Krock, Peach State Roofing
"FiberTite’s longevity is proven. It’s been proven in this marketplace for better than 30 years."
Colin Murphy, Trinity ERD


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Commitment To Sustainability

FiberTite Roofs are Designed for Durability


FiberTite is engineered to withstand severe weather, extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. Our membranes are designed for durability and long life. As such, the carbon footprint of the long lifecycle of these products is much lower than that of less durable options.

LEED Green Building Rating System


The LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction (LEED-NC Version 2.0) promotes buildings that are not only environmentally responsible in their design, but sustainable and profitable in their operation, and healthy to live and work in. FiberTite installations can be found on a number of LEED-approved buildings nationwide.

Cool Roof Rating Council

Cool Roof

Installing a cool roofing system with high solar reflectivity (SR) and infrared emittance (IE) is an effective way to easily increase a building’s energy efficiency.

California Title 24 Compliant

CA Title 24

FiberTite Roofing Membranes Meet the SR and IE Requirements of California Title 24.

FiberTite Green Roofing Systems

Green Roofs

These sustainable roofs have become a popular choice among environmentally conscious customers and specifiers, enriching the visual landscape and providing significant efficiency and environmental benefits.



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FiberTite Warranty

A warranty never stopped a roof from leaking. Any roofing membrane warranty is only as good as the people who stand behind it. See why you can believe in FiberTite.




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Industry Associations

CRRC - Charter Member
The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress



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