FiberTite Roof Systems Deliver Confidence Without Failure

Each year, companies spend billions of dollars constructing state-of-the-art data centers that house and protect vital information. When it comes to the security of that data, breaches of any kind can be disastrous – devastating your operations and your brand reputation.

A data center’s roof is its first line of defense against major risks caused by weather, chemicals, foot traffic and more. Compromises to this part of your building envelope can result in unplanned downtime, security issues and a potential public relations nightmare.

That’s why choosing the right roof system is one of the most important decisions in data center construction. The security of your operations and the integrity of your reputation are at stake.

Lisle Data Center Before and AfterBefore and after of data center installation in Lisle, Illinois

FiberTite Roof Systems have been installed on nearly 100 data centers in the past five years, including multiple domestic and global installations for Google®, Amazon, IBM® and others. Our experience and proven performance in critical-to-quality facilities span four decades, including health care facilities and food processing plants.

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Watch Video of FiberTite Installation on a 360,000 sq.ft. Data Center


The Evoque
data center in Lisle, Illinois, spans eight acres. The company chose FiberTite’s 50-mil XT fleece back membrane for its re-roof in 2020. Led by contractor Preservation Services and specifier CBRE Design, the team completed the installation with little disruption to the building owner and provided peace of mind that its critical assets would be protected from leaks.

The FiberTite Formula

Because our formulation, engineering and manufacturing are unlike any other system on the market, FiberTite is the go-to system for data centers. The difference is in our:

  • Proven fiber reinforcement that is packed into a tight pattern that provides superior puncture and tear resistance.

  • Perfected balance of Dupont's ketone ethylene ester (KEE) and polymers that creates a permanent bond for exceptional flexibility, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

  • Durability and stability that are proven to provide decades of flawless performance at data centers and critical-to-quality facilities around the world.

The world is relying on you to be always on and always ready. And you can rely on FiberTite to keep you running.

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