• FiberTite: the Original Elvaloy®
    KEE Roofing Membrane

    We're flattered by imitations. But FiberTite is the only roofing membrane with the proven amount of KEE.

    Learn More Can you afford to trust your roof to a knock-off?
  • Unique FiberTite Roofing Technology Provides Long-Term Performance

    Since 1979, FiberTite's single-ply roofing system is tougher, lighter
    and more flexible.

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  • FiberTite Roofs Stand the Test of Time

    View and request actual 25+-year-old roof samples.

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  • Ultimate Rooftop Protection

    FiberTite Hybrid combines two proven roofing solutions into a
    single, high-performance system.

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  • Expressive Roofs that Last

    With Tedlar® or Kynar® coatings, FiberTite® Brite™ offers vivid, long-lasting custom colors and patterns.

    Learn More 25+ year roofs: fabric samples

Installed 1986

Bank of Naples
Installed 1985

Inn Maid Noodles
Installed 1981
FiberTite Green Simulated Metal Roofing - The look of metal, the protection of FiberTite FiberTite Hybrid