8 Essential Questions to Ask During a Roof Inspection: Part 2

Gary Pelton on Sep 10, 2015 10:30:00 AM

FiberTite Roofing System for Exempla HealthcareAs highlighted in Part 1 of our 8 Essential Questions to Ask During a Roof Inspection, there are many situations that can harm your valuable roofing system. By uncovering these failures prior to an entire system failure, you will be able to make the appropriate repairs and maintain the integrity of your roofing system. Outline below are the last 4 questions you need to ask in order to get the most value out of your roof inspection. 

5. Am I covered in regards to penetrations?

There are two categories of penetrations that you need to ask about depending on your specific roof; curb and round/square penetrations. First, looking at a curbed roof, it is important to ask your inspector whether or not the field sheet is terminated. If the edges weren't properly sealed, your roof is susceptible to damage. You also need to make sure the flashings were adhered and that the welding of the corners was done properly. 

For round/square roofs, you also need to ask if the field sheets were terminated. Flashing, however needs to be adhered to a field wrap. You also need to ask whether or not the pre-molded pipe flashing was installed correctly. If not, it can lead to damage of your pipes. Checking to see if the pipe is dirty is also an important aspect of your inspection. 

6. Are my pitch pans still in top shape to perform the way I need?

Pitch pans are typical sources for leaks that could damage the integrity of your roofing structure if not properly installed. Ask your inspector about the material your pitch pans are made out of - they should be clad metal. Prior to filling the pan with sealer, the contractor should have cut the insulation off of the pipe. Have your inspector double check if that work was done, and if not, you should think about having it repaired. The last thing to check for is whether or not the filler was topped off. If it wasn’t filled when the installation was completed, going back in and doing so now can help prevent further damage or leakages. 

7. Do I need to update my drains? 

Drains can make or break a roofing system. Pools of water on your roof can create long-term problems that are costly to repair. To ensure that your valuable roof maintains its integrity, ask your inspector if the correct target sheets were used and if they were then terminated properly. Without the proper termination, your roof can succumb to damage caused by the elements, dirt, and dust. Your field sheets should also be overlapping properly, past the fasteners. 

If your roof uses clamping rings, it is important that the correct sealant is used. This will protect the joint from moisture and other weather damage. The clamping ring should also be fitted tightly. A loose clamping ring will not be able to perform at the intended level and thus result in damage for your roofing structure. 

8. Were test cuts performed to verify the weld at the seam? 

Ultimately, all of your seams need to be tested as they are a vital part of your roofing structure. A good test cut will help you sleep better at night - knowing that the job has been done properly. Ask your inspector whether these test cuts were ever performed and if they were, whether or not repairs were made. 

Once you’ve asked your inspector these 8 essential questions, you will be fully armed with the information needed to properly maintain your roofing structure. If you need a reminder of what the first 4 questions are, please visit part one of our blog series here. Are there any other questions you ask during a roofing inspection that are vital to maintaining the integrity of your roofing structure? Share them in the comments!

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