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For critical facilities, breaches of any kind are devastating to your business – but the cost of a leaking, punctured or failing roof can be disastrous. At FiberTite, we understand the unique challenges faced by data centers, food processing plants and health care facilities to meet strict codes and standards, keep maintenance costs down and to protect the equipment, products and people inside.

The Fiber 5 video series walks you through the challenges, solutions and latest roofing insights to protect your operations and reputation.

Fiber 5 Video Series

Part 1: When failure is not an option.

Explore the three common challenges for critical facilities, including unplanned downtime, regulatory compliance and reducing maintenance costs.



Part 2: 3 things that add up to big costs.

Learn more about three costly factors that could be draining your time, money and resources.


Part 3: Delivering quality and resiliency.

See how roof resiliency plays a key role in protecting your facility from the degrading effects of foot traffic,
weather, chemicals, oils and fats.


Part 4: Experience is everything.

Your customers expect the best from you when it comes to material selection and implementation. 


Part 5: 3 trends driving the roofing industry.

Enjoy this final part in the series that breaks down the latest roof trends to help you protect your products,
equipment and people.


Confidence, Without Failure

FiberTite KEE membranes are among the most trusted roof systems for critical facilities around the world. Our membranes are designed for longevity and impenetrable performance with a proven track record to last for 35+ years in the field. The difference is in our fabric and our formula.

Can you afford to trust anything else?

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