Will Your Roof Withstand Very Severe Hail?

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If the industry is talking about extreme tests and extreme performance for commercial roofing, FiberTite is in the conversation.

FiberTite is VSH Rated by

FiberTite proves resiliency leadership in the commercial building envelope as the only KEE manufacturer with VSH accreditation.

When challenged by the VSH testing by FM-Approvals, extreme chemical exposure or the endurance required for 25+ year old roofs, FiberTite surpasses the competition and provides the operational security needed for your most valuable asset.

FM-Global Raised the Bar on System Hail Resistance

In certain regions within the United States, FM-Global has determined minimum performance requirements for FM insured commercial roofing systems to be classified as VSH rated. For establishing best practices for building protection, FM-Global is the leader in the industry. Listings on FM-Approvals' RoofNav® are commonly used as a basis of design for many building and construction projects.

With 186 VSH listings – and approved membranes ranging from nominal 36 mil to our 60 mil XTreme over multiple different cover board solutions, FiberTite is able to provide building owners solutions for critical facilities that are seeking only the best in operational security – whether it is extreme hail impact, chemical resistance, or anything the harshest roof-top environments can experience.

What is VSH?

Types of Hail Classifications

Moderate Hail - Up to 1.75 inches / Severe Hail - Up to 2 inches / Very Severe Hail - Greater than 2 inches
Where are FM Designated Hail Zones in the U.S.?

hail map
FM Global has designated hail zones in the US based on the type of hailstones most familiar to the area.
These three zone categories are used when designing, specifying, and constructing buildings to ensure they can withstand hailstones without failure.


FM Global Moderate Hail Zone (Green) - hail size does not exceed 1.75 in. (44 mm) for the 15-year mean recurrence interval (MRI)

FM Global Severe Hail Zone (Orange) - hail size exceeds 1.75 in. (44 mm) but does not exceed 2 in. (51 mm) for the 15-year mean recurrence interval (MRI)

FM Global Very Severe Hail Zone (Red) - hail size exceeds 2 in. (51 mm) for the 15-year mean recurrence interval (MRI)

Trust FiberTite

There Are Many Threats to Consider When Selecting Your Roof System

Adding hail to the list of threats requires the support of a roofing manufacturer you can trust. FiberTite's 40+ year formulation utilizing Ketone-Ethylene-Ester (KEE) meets the bar set by FM-Global. FiberTite is the only KEE roof manufacturer to do so and this has been achieved with our original 36 MIL membrane.

Trust the original KEE formula and the truth that FiberTite is the leader in resiliency. Learn more!


What is Resiliency?
Resiliency means protecting a building’s ability to remain fully operational despite severe weather events,
environmental contamination and man-made wear and tear.
Roof resiliency is crucial for many critical facilities.

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FiberTite Understands Your Needs

home-icon-ownerBuilding Owners:  FiberTite supports the needs related to operational security and the building owners desire for FM-Insured coverage in a VSH zone.  FiberTite offers three distinct single-ply options and the appropriate FM-Approvals' RoofNav listings needed to meet these demands. 

home-icon-consultantConsultants/Specifiers: The long-term performance history of FiberTite, including critical roofing performance concerns like chemical and puncture resistance supports your owners need for a VSH system with 14 listings ready to be installed today.

about-icon-warrantyArchitects: Building owners rely on architects to guide them with the overall project construction. As a trusted adviser, architects must understand the purpose of the structure as well as the importance of that purpose. FiberTite delivers 360 degrees of protection for that roofing system, including chemical, puncture, fire, wind and hail resistance. 


FiberTite values our certified contractors. Disruptions on the job-site can cause delays and we strive to provide the proper training and background to minimize disruptions and control cost.


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