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FiberTite Roof Systems Protect The World's Most Powerful Brands

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We provide operational security globally to the world’s most powerful brands with an innovative, high performance coated fabric membrane that has a unique, four layer technology providing puncture, chemical, and ponding water resistance


About FiberTite

The FiberTite Way

FiberTite makes every element of our roofing products to ensure peerless quality. From knitting our own fabrics to applying custom proprietary coatings, we've been honing our expertise since 1949.

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Inn Maid Noodles | Installed June, 1981

Proven Track Record - 25+ Year Roofs

We're proud that many FiberTite roofs have been keeping customers dry since the Reagan administration.
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FiberTite Roofing Membrane

How It's Made

FiberTite is engineered and manufactured by experts in industrial coated fabrics.

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FiberTite Products

Our Products

FiberTite is available in dozens of colors, styles, and systems.

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FiberTite In Action

FiberTite roof membranes have exceeded expectations for more than 35 years. From the most demanding roof installations to less complex jobs, FiberTite works for virtually any commercial roofing project.