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Dalton is an intern at Seaman Corporation. He is a Public Relations and Strategic Communications major at Miami University.

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What to Know About Equipping a School with the Right Roof

Posted by Dalton Ulm on May 2, 2017 9:03:41 AM

As a roofing contractor, recommending the right roof for a school can be a challenge since funding is normally limited and building facility managers lack industry knowledge. It’s a contractor’s job to not only endorse a quality product, but provide the appropriate evaluation based on the client’s needs. When evaluating a school’s roofing need with  the school facility manager, it’s important to ask the following questions in order to make an accurate evaluation:

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Cannabis Cultivation Facilities on the Rise in 2017

Posted by Dalton Ulm on Jan 23, 2017 3:00:00 PM

What does this mean for the roofing business?

Politics and social opinions aside, a business is a business. The cannabis cultivation industry is growing rapidly as the federal and state deregulation of medical marijuana increases every year. To date, 25 states including Washington D.C. have passed laws allowing the prescription-based use of medical marijuana. Accompanying the rise in legalization is the demand for construction and development of cultivation manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and testing labs. By 2020, the overall U.S. marijuana market is projected to exceed $22 billion, an evaluation that is expected to inflate tremendously in 2017. Due to the advancements in agricultural technology, cannabis can be grown indoors year round. Cultivation facilities are growing by the hundreds throughout the U.S. in order to service the demand of nearly 1.5 million prescribed medical marijuana patients.

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3 Biggest Roofing Concerns For Food Processing Facilities

Posted by Dalton Ulm on Jan 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Food processing and data center industries provide a huge demand for durable and reliable roofing systems.These industries face extensive threats when it comes to building maintenance, sanitation and safety—many of which can be prevented with the right roofing system and installment. In part one of this blog series, we discussed the 3 Reasons Why It’s Crucial to Have a Robust Roof on Data Centers.Today, we’re talking about food processing facilities and the importance of the right roof structure. With more than 35+ years of experience, FiberTite has proven that performance speaks for itself and has a reputation to back it up.

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