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Top 4 Considerations When Replacing Your Roof [Infographic]

Posted by FiberTite Roofing Representative on Aug 1, 2019 12:03:11 PM

Replacing a roof can feel like a daunting task, and with dozens of options between different materials, contractors and systems, the choices can feel overwhelming. Breaking down your priorities and understanding the pros and cons of various systems can make the choice much easier. 

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How Solar Panels Impact Your Commercial Roof System [Infographic]

Posted by FiberTite Roofing Representative on Jul 1, 2019 8:59:00 AM

With the need for sustainable energy ever growing, some people turn to solar panels as a potential solution. The overall impact of these solar array systems needs to be taken into consideration; this includes more than just potential cost savings. If the proper steps are not taken, solar panels can negatively impact the performance of your roofing system as well as your wallet.

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6 Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks [Infographic]

Posted by FiberTite Roofing Representative on Jun 20, 2019 7:05:48 PM

The purpose of any roof system is to keep water out of and divert it away from the building. Seems like a simple enough task but it is far from easy. But sometimes roofs leak, and they leak for numerous reasons and for the most part, the least of all are the materials. I have found the occasional arrow and bullet hole in the membrane but the following are the six most common causes of roof leaks.

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