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Jerry Beall’s career in the roofing industry spans more than 40 years, stemming from a 10-year chapter as a journeyman with Roofers’ Local #88, and then developing into work in technical service, commercial roofing sales, estimating, and project and technical management. Jerry joined Seaman Corporation in 1984 and spent 5 years as FiberTite’s Senior Technical Service Representative. During a three absence from Seaman, Jerry took up a role with a Florida roofing contractor involving commercial roofing sales, estimating, and project management. In 1992 Jerry returned to Seaman as the FiberTite Technical Manager. Then in June of 2000, Jerry assumed the role as National Sales and Technical Manager for FiberTite® Roofing Systems. After four years leading the Sales and Tech departments, Jerry opted for his current role as FiberTite Product & Technical Specialist. Jerry uses his field experience, studies and interest in leadership, product development, marketing and strategic visioning to support a nationwide team of sales, technical and manufacturing representatives. Jerry is an expert in roofing design, engineering, building codes and testing. He enjoys engaging the industry in discussions related to the design, engineering, application and sales of different roofing systems by teaching and providing presentations to audiences that include members of AIA and RCI, as well as roofing contractors and building owners. He has been published in RCI Interface twice, as recently as July 2015 for High Profile Roofing. Jerry is past President of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association (CFFA), Chair of the ASTM KEE Task Group, and an active member of RCI. He holds three patents for his work in color extruded rib profile, an apparatus for welding a synthetic strip to a roofing membrane (rib), and WrapidFlash™ Molded Pipe Flashing.

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9 Factors That Affect Roof Performance: Part 1

Posted by Jerry Beall on Aug 19, 2015 11:01:00 AM

Roof performance varies between the different systems, however the factors affecting the performance of your commercial roof are relatively the same. Your roof is valuable and you need something that will be reliable in the long-run to protect your assets. Chances are you’ll be staying in the same building for an extended period of time, so it’s important that your roof stays with you. In order to provide you with the 9 top factors that affect roof performance, we’ve split the article into a 2 part series. Below are the first 5 criteria. 

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