FiberTite’s Process for Successful Roofing Membrane Installation

Mike Lee on Jan 31, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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Recently I got to thinking about why the FiberTite roof installation process works. As a FiberTite professional roofing contractor myself, I’m tasked with ensuring every roofing membrane installation my team begins is a success and that’s why I follow the proven process below. 

Compile as Much Information as Possible When Registering the Project

When starting a job, the FiberTite roofing contractor should register it on the FiberTite website to initiate the installation planning process. The website acts as a repository for important details and information regarding a specific roofing job. Type of roofing membrane being installed, type of products used, if there was any re-roofing or reconstruction done and what substrate type used are some of the initial pieces of information that should be gathered. Then, the information outlining the types of warranties offered for the various membrane and project types should be reviewed with the client. Generally, the square footage of the roofing project will help decide what type of warranty will fit the desired project. The type of roofing membrane combined with the type of warranty will determine what the overall cost of installation will be. After submitting the registration, FiberTite reviews the PreInstallation Notice (PIN) and responds to the contractor with a request for more information or approval.

Follow Up and Provide Reassurance

After a contractor submits a registration, follow up is crucial. I often follow up with the building owners I work with and invite them to experience a FiberTite roofing installation project that’s currently underway. Allowing the building owner to witness the FiberTite installation process firsthand at the job site builds a sense of trust between FiberTite and the client.


It is important that all current installation instructions furnished by FiberTite are followed, using proper equipment and techniques. Installation tips are available to help installation go smoothly.

Extra Quality Assurance

After a roofing membrane is installed, FiberTite sends out a quality assurance inspector. The inspector is responsible for grading a roofing project. Depending on the grade received, there may or may not be additional repairs or changes needed before a warranty is granted.

Quality Warranties

It is important that the building owner takes time to read the warranty and understand it. The true cost of a roof can often be seen in the real value offered by the warranty. Downtime, damage and hassle from a roof failure can cost thousands, proving that performance is more important than the number of years a warranty covers. Points to consider when selecting a roofing membrane and reviewing the warranty.

The Proof Is in the Final Product

I’ve been walking on FiberTite roofs since 1987, and I stand by the trusted process that continues to provide durable roofing membrane installations. Having a foundational understanding of the FiberTite membrane installation process can provide you the reassurance you need before embarking on your next roofing membrane installation.

What do you think is important for a successful roofing membrane installation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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