Promising New Products to Benefit Roof Installers

Ed Flaherty on Aug 31, 2017 10:52:43 AM

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A number of innovative new products for installing commercial roofs were introduced at the Western States Roofing Expo in Las Vegas in June. While we didn’t see everything at the convention, a few things stood out as promising products that could help ease installation and reduce costs.

Here are some favorite new products and ideas we found and why they matter:

  • The Patriot Jr. adhesive dispenser is a dual component, low rise foam, mobile adhesive spray rig. It allows users to spray or bead dispense with 15 gallon drums or smaller canisters (without an expensive conversion kit).

    Patriot Junior

    • Using this mobile spray rig and an interchangeable “Splatter-Spray-Tip” allows a product like FiberTite FTR 601 to be “splatter applied” to save time over bead applications that did not work with fleeceback membranes in the past. This is a faster and less costly way to adhere fleeceback membranes.

      Patriot Junior Spray Gun

  • In other good news, ICP Adhesives & Sealants is bringing to market new sizes and formulations of its trusted CR-20 product. Smaller canisters will allow for easy transport and no waste for small jobs as little as 20 square feet of fleeceback membrane. More convenience, lower costs and less waste and cleanup hassles are all great things.
  • SFS intec has introduced the isoweld® 3000 induction welded plate attachment system  to the market. It is promising in its speed, efficacy and automatic calibration process to ensure full plate weld integrity, and we always welcome options that can help drive the cost of installation down.

To learn more about the latest in installation and roofing materials, contact FiberTite.

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