Protect Your Investment With Your Roof Membrane

Nick Kesslering on Sep 30, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Orange County Convention Center | Installed April, 2003
When it comes to purchasing a roofing membrane, you need to approach the decision with a long-term focus. Will the specific membrane be able to last for the duration of your stay in the building and successfully protect your assets? Often times, we see building owners get caught up with the price of the roof, without understanding the hefty investment this membrane is designed to protect. The chart below details what a typical roof costs before you add a membrane (without labor costs):

Bonding Adhesive $0.78
Cover Board $0.70
Low Rise Foam Adhesive $0.32
2.2" ISO $0.89
Low Rise Foam Adhesive $0.32
2.2" ISO $0.89
Low Rise Foam Adhesive $0.32
Vapor Retarder $0.82
Total Value per sq. ft. $5.04

Before adding the cost of labor into the equation, you as an owner are already paying a little over $5 per square foot. for your roofing project. Add in labor and suddenly you are at nearly $10 per sq. ft. without having even installed a membrane. You need a membrane that will protect this investment, not something that will need to be replaced multiple times. So why not spend a little extra on a membrane that is tried and true technology instead of an unproven product that won’t protect your valuable investment the way you need it to? 

Essentially, your membrane is what does all the work. As displayed in this membrane comparison chart, not all membranes are created equal and there are many factors that can breakdown your roofing system. If you choose a membrane that is more susceptible to deterioration, you can encounter a breakdown of the product below the roof, costing you as an owner even more in the long-term. Ensure that you’re are protecting all parts of your investment by choosing a technology that stands the test of time. 

Yes, that proven technology can be pricey in comparison to the lowest end of the spectrum, but after looking at all that it protects, it is a worthy investment. Taking the lifetime cost of your roofing system into consideration will get you one step closer to deciding on the best fit for your roofing needs. What else do you consider before purchasing a roofing system? Tell us in the comments!

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