ELD Successes and Failures: Lessons From the Field

Industry expert Peter Brooks covers how high and low voltage electronic leak detection techniques work and best practices for selecting roofing and waterproofing assemblies. You will learn about proper grounding and how to anticipate the challenges of low voltage vector mapping, as well as what can and cannot be accomplished during the stages of assembly and during the roof’s service life.



How to Maintain Your Flat Roof and Extend Its Service Life

FiberTite photo 3.jpg

Stay up to date on the required maintenance for the 6 major types of low sloped roofing systems and the importance of integrating them into your proactive roof maintenance program.


Designing Resilient Building Envelopes

Roofing Standards_Harbor Gate HOA_San Pedro.jpgDifferentiate between the concepts of "resilience," "durability" and "sustainability" as applied to the built environment. Identify how modern wall and roof systems can be critical elements in achieving resilience in buildings. As well as the key strategies available for incorporating resiliency into wall and roof system design. Use the Resilient Building Envelope Checklist to select and design resilient wall and roof systems.


5 Critical Roofing Performance Considerations

jason-lee-middle-school.jpgSuperior roof materials technology should allow your building’s roof to perform for many years. The information provided in this webinar is designed to educate owners, facility managers, and contractors on the basic steps necessary to identify the right roof for your facility. The roofing material must meet standards that make it possible for your roof to perform regardless of the climate or the contaminant contact. This webinar will provide specific product data, MSDS, Guide Specs, Construction Details, Installation Instructions and warranty information.


Vegetated Rooftop Gardens

Green_Roof_Aleutian_Spray_Thumb.jpgVegetated roofing systems are much more than aesthetically pleasing additions to a building. During this webinar you will receive a brief overview on the history of vegetated roofing as well as the importance of roof system selection and membrane performance. Vegetated roofing systems have several benefits, but one must not forget that these roofs are in fact roofs and therefore must be treated as such. This webinar explains the various components of a vegetated roof and how these roofing systems can be integrated into low impact development stormwater management plans. 


High-Performance Building Enclosure Design for a Net-Zero Ready Habitat for Sub-Zero Wildlife

Polk Penguin Conservation CenterBy using the Polk Penguin Conservation Center as a case study, we will discuss elements and design features that cooperate towards making any building a high-performing one, including many unique functions. The building was designed to be a ZER building while having some unique functions and design elements. It had to create an acceptable habitat while allowing visitors to view them and limit the amount of energy required to manage the two distinct climates inside the building: one for humans and one for penguins. We will demonstrate how the composition of the building envelope used typical building products, merged together with a complete warranty to make this a high-performance design for the unique functionality of the building.


New Trends in Commercial Building Roofing You Need to Know

Installation of a Custom Roll of FiberTite Roofing MembraneToday there are more roofing systems to choose from, but performance criteria and challenges haven’t really changed over the years. This webinar will discuss the six major types of low-sloped roofs, installation methods, performance criteria, and how the different types of systems stack against the top 5 performance criteria.