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Georgia Shopping Malls

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FiberTite® roofing systems' versatility crucial for mall roofs.

Project Details: Mall of Georgia | Installed August, 1999

Name: Shannon Mall
Dates: Installed in March, 1998
Location: Union City, GA U.S.A.

Name: Mall of Georgia
Dates: Installed in August, 1999
Location: Duluth, GA U.S.A.

Name: Lenox Square Mall
Dates: Installed in September, 2007
Location: Atlanta, GA U.S.A.

Project Story:

Roofing projects for shopping malls require a unique blend of versatility, reliability and creativity. Particular challenges like vaulted ceilings and arches or food courts with their accompanying oil and grease exhaust can be a nightmare if the proper system is not chosen.

For this reason many mall owners consult local experts before they contract to have their roofs built or replaced. The following are just a few examples of experts who chose FiberTite® Roofing Systems to solve their problems.

When the Shannon Mall in Union City, GA needed a new roof, the owners went to Atlanta Testing and Engineering (now Qore Property Sciences) for advice. Construction was to take place during the busy holiday season, so the mall needed to remain open during the installation. And they needed a roof with high thermal efficiency and the lowest lifecycle cost. Only a FiberTite Roofing System by Seaman Corporation was able to meet these demands.

Williamson and Associates was asked on two separate occasions to recommend an effective, cost-efficient roofing solution. The first case, The Mall of Georgia in Duluth, is an architect’s dream. It is a mixture of shapes and colors created to attract a diverse range of shoppers. Unfortunately, its vaulted ceilings and arches make it a roofing nightmare. In addition, this mall has a food court with all of the accompanying problems associated with the venting of contaminants like oil and grease.

In the second case, The Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA needed more space. They decided to add an additional floor with several hundred thousand square feet of new shopping area. The roofing system needed to be lightweight, durable and long-lasting. In both of the above cases, a FiberTite Roofing System was recommended as the superior roofing alternative.

FiberTite membranes have the unique combination of Seaman-developed fabric technology with polyester fibers and Seaman-developed coating technology with Dow ELVALOY™ Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) coating. This combination allows FiberTite to remain flexible enough to perform in a variety of challenging environments. From extreme temperature variations, to ponding water and contaminated conditions like fatty acids, only FiberTite Roofing Systems stand up to the test every time.

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