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To meet seismic building codes, the Nordstrom Distribution Center in Ontario, California needed to be re-roofed.

Project Details: Nordstrom | Installed October, 2010

Name: Nordstrom
Dates: Installed in October, 2010
Location: Ontario, CA U.S.A.

Project Story:

To meet seismic building codes, the Nordstrom Distribution Center in Ontario, California needed to be re-roofed. Two other Nordstrom facilities already had FiberTite roofs installed: one in Gainesville, Florida and the other near Oakland.

Although they were already familiar with FiberTite, they hired a leading roofing consultant to ensure the best option was selected. Initially, the consultant was leaning toward a modified bitumen system. However, given the success Nordstrom had with FiberTite at the two other locations, coupled with the fact that they wouldn’t have to paint the roof white to comply with California Title 24, FiberTite was ultimately selected over modified bitumen.

According to the consultant, other factors that came into play were FiberTite’s proven longevity, energy savings and low maintenance. “This project wasn’t your typical re-roof job,” said Tom Ghidotti, FiberTite Western District Manager, “To meet the seismic building codes, steel plates were installed around the 15 foot perimeter of the building. These steel plates are then attached to the steel beams to better support the structure. Next, Dens Deck was applied and finished with a mechanically fastened FiberTite roofing membrane.”

FiberTite was introduced in 1979 by Seaman Corporation, a company that has also been a leader in many other markets, some for more than 55 years. These markets include architectural fabric structures, geomembranes, truck tarps, dock seals, military collapsible fuel tanks and military tents.

FiberTite is constructed with the heaviest denier (strongest) yarn in the industry, which provides superior puncture and tear resistance. Next, a unique adhesive coat is applied to the base fabric, which forms a molecular bond and encapsulates each yarn. This extra step maximizes peel resistance and seam strength. The face coat includes Dow ELVALOY™ Ketone Ethylene Ester as the base polymer, along with other proprietary chemicals, to provide superior UV and chemical resistance as well as long-term flexibility. In fact, FiberTite was used as the standard to set ASTM D6754 for KEE membranes. The back coat is a balanced coating, which offers superior welding properties and maximizes seam strength.

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ELVALOY™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.

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