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Rodhe's Market, Inc.

FiberTite on Aug 10, 2016 3:27:29 PM

FiberTite withstands the 25+ year test of weather and time.

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Project Details: Rodhe’s Market, Inc. | Installed 1987

Name: Rodhe's Market, Inc.
Dates: 1987
Location: Millersburg, OH U.S.A.

Project Story:

Since 1934, Rodhe’s Market, Inc. in Millersburg, Ohio has been a one-stop shop for many people in the area. They are a full-service grocer offering a variety of additional services. In 1987, Rodhe’s invested in a FiberTite Roof, manufactured by Seaman Corporation, for their 6,742 square-foot building. They never would have guessed that over 25 years later, this same roof would be in service today, providing protection for its customers.

Located in East Central Ohio, this roof endures extreme heat in the summer and freezing cold temperatures in the winter. Despite the ever-changing weather conditions, it maintains its integrity year after year. Kurt Rodhe, President of Rodhe’s Market said, “the number one thing is always investment up front versus longevity and we have been very happy with the balance of that.” He further explains, “We wanted something that gave us good longevity and something we could trust in, so it was a pretty easy choice between the contractors and the ownership.” He does not anticipate replacing the roof for at least five to eight years, and according to Rodhe, “the roof is showing very little wear and tear for its age.”

Seaman Corporation, manufacturer of FiberTite Roofing Systems, has been a worldwide market leader of innovative, high performance coated fabrics since 1949. Using a unique, four layer technology providing puncture, UV, chemical, and ponding water resistance, FiberTite is the original Elvaloy KEE membrane with a 35+ year history of performance.

Seaman Corporation has manufacturing locations in Wooster, Ohio and Bristol, Tennessee. In addition to FiberTite, Seaman Corporation also makes fabrics for more specialized markets, including military, dock seals, marine applications, pool covers, truck tarps, mower covers and others.

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