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Sheraton Hotel

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Northwest Hospitality purchased this Anaheim, California hotel overlooking Disneyland. However, before it could be established as a Sheraton hotel, numerous improvements were necessary.

Project Details:Sheraton Hotel | Installed June, 2006

Name: Sheraton Hotel
Dates: Installed in June, 2006
Location: Anaheim, CA U.S.A.

Project Story:

First, a canopy was needed over the entranceway at the front of the building. Because the existing building structure had a built-up roof, Northwest Hospitality asked the contractor, Prime Waterproofing, Inc., to install a built-up roofing system and paint it a tan color. Paul LaHaye, CEO of Prime Waterproofing, suggested that they instead install a FiberTite roof for its longevity, energy savings and low maintenance.

Specializing in re-roofing complex roofs on restaurants, hotels, banks and retail establishments, Prime Waterproofing offers roofing contracting services throughout California and Hawaii.

“Several other factors also came into the decision process,” stated Paul, “First, there was the installation odor. Previously, when an APP modified bitumen roof was installed, hotel guests mistook the odor for an electrical fire. Also, because we could obtain a tan FiberTite membrane sheet directly from the factory, they did not have the additional expense of having the roof painted. Finally, a Title 24 compliant product was also a necessity and FiberTite met that requirement as well.”

After the canopy project was complete, the owner was very pleased with the results. So pleased, in fact, that they elected to re-roof some smaller canopies. Later, when multiple leaks were identified throughout the building, they decided to re-roof the entire 25,000 square foot building structure with a new FiberTite roof.

FiberTite was introduced in 1979 by Seaman Corporation, a company that has also been a leader in many other markets, some for more than 55 years. These markets include architectural fabric structures, geomembranes, truck tarps, dock seals, military collapsible fuel tanks and military tents.

FiberTite is constructed with the heaviest denier (strongest) yarn in the industry, which provides superior puncture and tear resistance. Next, a unique adhesive coat is applied to the base fabric, which forms a molecular bond and encapsulates each yarn. This extra step maximizes peel resistance and seam strength. The face coat includes Dow ELVALOY™ Ketone Ethylene Ester as the base terpolymer, along with other proprietary chemicals, to provide superior UV and chemical resistance as well as long-term flexibility. In fact, FiberTite was used as the standard to set ASTM D6754 for KEE membranes. The back coat is a balanced coating, which offers superior welding properties and maximizes seam strength.

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ELVALOY™ is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.

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