FiberTite Crossgrip

A two layer roof walkway matting that protects the roof membrane and provides safe access for general maintenance works.  Compatible with various roof surfaces.

Made from non-porous PVC with cross directional top ribs and a 'diamond cut' surface for a firm underfoot grip, Crossgrip carries a 0.6/0.5 slip resistant rating under ASTM 1677.

Impermeable in all weathers, Crossgrip is a highly specialized matting system for flat roofs, gantries and high level walkways. When laid flat it will remain stable in winds up to 60 mph-96 km/h*.



Certified slip resistance DIN 51130:R10 ASTM 1677:1.0/0.9 Diamond cut pattern
Excellent drainage DIN 51130:V10 Two layer construction
Roof membrane protection Durable one piece construction
Compatible with PVC/KEE roof membranes PVC construction
Quick to install Supplied in 33' (10m) rolls
Contours to the roof structure Made from flexible PVC
Loose lay, no fixing required Stable in winds up to 60 mph (96km/h)*
Long life UV resistant




FTR Crossgrip is a loose laid roof walkway system designed for roofs with heavy maintenance traffic, or extreme elements that make roof access challenging. FTR Crossgrip is an all-weather solution that can be repositioned, is self-draining, and is highly slip resistant.  Proudly made in the U.S.A., FiberTite currently stocks rolls of Gray Crossgrip 2' wide x 33' long.  (3' and 4' widths x 33' length sizes are available by special order.)
FTR Crossgrip is a heavy duty alternative to welded walkway systems and has gained "traction" in the industry.




FTR Crossgrip

Additional Walkway & Protection Material

We offer three distinct products to enhance roof traffic safety and optimize membrane protection in roof areas where frequent HVAC maintenance is required:

  • FiberTite Mellow Yellow walkways material offers a UV stable yellow pigment and deep herring bone ribbed texture to improve footing on wet surfaces.
  • FiberTite Tuff-Trac features FiberTite XTreme membrane's 46 x 44/1000 x 1000 denier woven polyester fabric reinforcement. It is embossed with a low profile diamond plate design.
  • FiberTite Grey is manufactured from high grade vinyl and offers a deep herring bone ribbed embossed surface texture.


  • CrossGrip Data Sheet
  • Walkway & Protection Data Sheet
  • FiberTite Roof Perimeter Caution Strip


*Tests at the University of Hertfordshire, School of Aerospace, Automotive & Design Engineering showed Crossgrip PVC When laid flat on a stable platform remained in position for wind speeds of 94 mph (150 km/h).