FiberTite's Special Formula

Can you afford to trust your roof to a knock-off?

FiberTite is manufactured with the proven amount of ELVALOY™ Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE)

FiberTite sets the performance standard in roofing through the proven use of ELVALOY™ KEE. Our proprietary coating formula is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard for the use of ELVALOY™ KEE and forms a monolithic bond with our outstanding fabric. More than 30 years of performance demonstrates that FiberTite roofs simply do not fail. When the weather turns ugly, you can put your trust in the very best single-ply roofing system available.

The only true measure of a roofing membrane's performance is time.

We'll gladly share a sample of an original 25-year roof so you can see for yourself.

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There's no substitute for experience. Trust the original FiberTite.


DOW® ELVALOY™ Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) is a solid, flexible, high-molecular ingredient ideal for thermoplastic processing. Its careful use in the production of FiberTite roofing helps FiberTite remain stronger and more flexible with age.

What is the correct amount of ELVALOY™ KEE?

The correct amount of ELVALOY™ KEE can only be determined by the track history of the product. The original FiberTite ELVALOY™ KEE sheet was adopted as the industry standard by the ASTM. FiberTite is the only known single-ply ELVALOY™ KEE sheet on the market that meets the ASTM standard D6754. FiberTite is the only ELVALOY™ KEE-based membrane on the market proven for nearly four decades – exceeding roofing industry professionals' expectations.

How FiberTite uses ELVALOY™ KEE better

The monolithic structure of a tighter, lighter woven fabric and the correct use of ELVALOY™ KEE in FiberTite enables it to:

  • Remain flexible for decades
  • Repel harsh chemicals
  • Prevent delamination over time
  • Resist tears and punctures
  • Withstand severe weather
  • Accommodate efficient installation techniques

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