5 Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Installer

Gary Pelton on Aug 24, 2015 11:30:00 AM


Most owners lack the specialized skills and tools for roof installation. In such cases, the only option is to seek a professional roof installer for the service. However, with thousands of installers out there, it's difficult to find the best fit. The following tips highlight considerations to make:


With a vast number of systems out there, from the traditional to the latest green living roofing system, it is important to get a contractor with experience specific to your design. Fortunately, experience and expertise are easy to trace through past projects and clients. Look through their portfolio. Consult with contractors who has worked on projects similar to yours.

An ideal solution to gauge the contractor’s expertise is through referrals. Ask your colleagues, who have had similar recent projects, for contractors that they would recommend. Direct inquiries allow you to get opinions on other seemingly minor details that may greatly impact your overall relationship with a contractor.

Licensing and Registration

This is an important consideration when seeking a roofing contractor. Roof installation and repair is a recognized skill set. The contractor should be registered with the local and state building and construction regulators. This gives you peace of mind on their compliance as well as an avenue to post any complaints that may arise.

In-House Sub Trades

Roof installation comprises of other activities other than the actual roof installation. Elements such as heating and cooling, plumbing, and the electrical wiring in the roofing system requires professional attendance. You should seek a roofing contractor with a well-trained in-house team of sub-trades. Alternatively, the contractor should have a comprehensive industry network.


Construction and repair projects, regardless of size, tend to be costly. This is more so for emergency repairs such as storm damage. Whether planned or not, the owner should ensure the contractor is affordable. However, do not compromise on quality and expertise in search for bargains. Endeavor to get a reasonable balance between the two. Fortunately, well-established contractors offer an obligation-free quotation. By consulting numbers, you will be able to get the best fit for your requirements.

Written Agreement

A contract agreement is mandatory for roofing projects, as it serves as the primary reference point in case of disagreements. Also, it allows the owner to plan the project. Typical inclusions in the contract include the scope of the project, budget, project duration, and other miscellaneous items. Well-established contractors should have a draft in place for all projects, with allowances for customization. Both parties should sign in the presence of a third party.

Getting the right roof installer can be quite complicated. However, because the installation is a large project, it pays to not skip the research before committing your hard-earned cash. In all cases, a physical meeting with the contractor is mandatory. The meet-up allows you to query the contractor directly as well as gauge their personal demeanor. Focus more on the contractors with portfolios available as it enables you to gauge their suitability to your requirements. With proper adherence to the primary considerations, you should have your roof in place in no time.

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