Don’t Trust Your Roof Installation to Just Anyone

Gary Pelton on Nov 18, 2015 11:20:25 AM

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Generally, all manufacturers provide some sort of training for their contractor base. This training is designed to ensure that the manufacturer’s roofing system is installed seamlessly time and time again. Obviously, hiccups occasionally occur with installations, but the idea is to give contractors the resources they need to prevent them as much as possible and help them create a better quality product for the end customer. 

These training programs do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is important to understand the kind of education your contractors are receiving before landing on a roofing system. To help you on your way to making the best decision for your roofing needs, we’ve outlined the FiberTite contractor training process so that you can gain insight into the education FiberTite contractors are receiving. 

Contractor Quality Seminar

A fundamental aspect of FiberTite contractor training is the Contractor Quality Seminar. These one-day seminars are hosted by the regional technical sales representatives and focus on providing contractors with the knowledge and skill building they need to install a variety of FiberTite roofing systems. During these seminars, key employees of the contractor (i.e. superintendents, crew leaders, and installers directly responsible for installation quality) not only receive classroom experience, but also hands-on training.

It is important to note that this training is not only a one-time event for new FiberTite contractors. Many times, attendees are quite experienced with installing single-ply roofing systems and are interested in continuing education seminars to stay up to date with the latest FiberTite installation processes. FiberTite applicators are dedicated to their work and strive to continue to learn and improve in order to provide end-users with the best performing version of their chosen roofing system. 

During the hands-on segment of the training, attendees work together to build a small scale roofing system and are instructed on proper installation procedures, such as securing the membrane around drains and how to avoid stop and start seams. The regional representative works to provide individual feedback to contractors regarding their work on the small-scale install, so that everyone is up to speed on install techniques.

Another aspect of the training process is to help the contractor through the project management process. This includes going through an equipment checklist and test to ensure that the contractor has the proper tools needed for a solid installation. Without the proper equipment, things can go awry and cause problems down the line for the end user. Periodic training is also recommended for contractors, both through informal and formal training meetings. 

With new FiberTite contractors, it is common to see continued support from FiberTite outside of these seminars. Usually, FiberTite professional are present to assist on the first day of installation to ensure that there is no confusion and installation is being executed properly. 

Being instructed on how to install a specific manufacturer’s roofing system is a large step in the right direction to preventing misapplications and general install problems with the roofing system down the line. As a roof is a hefty financial investment, it is important that you are receiving not only a quality product you can trust, but also a quality contractor well versed in your specific application.

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