Why Reinforcing Fiber Membranes Matters

Robert Van Dijk on Jul 11, 2017 9:09:36 AM

Fiber roofing membranes can provide decades of trouble-free and reliable protection for all kinds of structures. These roofing membranes stand the test of time, and a quality membrane is incredibly strong thanks to sophisticated fiber weaving, cutting-edge materials and professional installation.

No roof is infallible, but you can take steps to anticipate vulnerabilities by choosing the best materials for your job.

Why Reinforcement Matters

Modern roofing systems battle more than weather and UV rays. A roof on a factory, hospital, apartment building or just about any other industrial application will see dozens of workers over its lifetime. HVAC, electronics, solar arrays, tieback anchors and other critical building hardware is often on the roof.

These workers are focused on finishing their job and not on protecting your roof. Beyond the strain of regular foot traffic, roofs are often exposed to sheet metal screws and other hardware that can puncture membranes and lead to costly repairs.

Adding layers for walkways and highly stressed areas helps reduce wear and tear. Properly vetting everyone who accesses the roof and ensuring they leave no debris is also well worth the effort.

The Best Reinforcement is the Reinforced Fabric

Prevention means more than keeping the wrong objects and people off a roof. The best prevention comes before your roof is installed, because the best prevention means using the most reinforced, toughest and most durable membrane.

The best membranes start with premier base fabrics and very high fabric content that includes a high number of picks per inch. This base fabric is critical because it provides stopping power for penetrations by sharp objects and serves as the foundation for the membrane. Skimping on fabric makes for a flimsy membrane.

The other key element is the coating on the fabric. Membranes with high Elvaloy Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) content have a proven track record of durability. The KEE can also bond with the fiber to make one uniform membrane that will never peel apart and breaks down much more slowly than other materials.


A reinforced roof offers a number of advantages:

  • Significantly longer lifespan that greatly reduces total material and installation costs over time.
  • Prevents or drastically reduces most common issues like leaks from weather or other damage.
  • Can save money at installation when it allows for the use of a membrane in place of sheet metal or at difficult transition points such as from walls to sloped roofs.
  • Allows for less material and less thickness while delivering better performance.
  • Allows the roof to more seamlessly integrate architectural features to enhance appearance and performance.

To learn more about why reinforcement is critical for the success of any membrane roof, contact FiberTite.

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