Journey of a New Salesman in the Roofing Industry

Bryan Gallo-Malta on Sep 8, 2017 10:59:38 AM

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I began in roofing sales after working in FiberTite’s Marketing Department for 3 years. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I believe I have some insights that might help anyone—whether they’re established in the industry or just getting started.

  • Always keep learning. Even roofing experts are constantly learning something new as technology changes and processes improve. This industry is constantly evolving, creating new opportunities to expand ones knowledge.

  • Implement a process. Our company uses the IMPACT sales process, which focuses on listening to the customer and catering to their needs, instead of spitting out facts about your product. Whatever tool you use, a formal process makes selling consistent and measurable.

  • Find a mentor. Even after learning a solid sales process, I took to the streets and started shadowing and training with established salespeople. I went on hundreds of sales calls to assist the needs of architects, consultants, building owners and contractors. Everyone sells a bit differently, but there are several ways to deliver key messages effectively.

  • Learn your territory. Geographically speaking, roofing is very different across the map. In each area, certain products dominate the market. Some parts of the country may be less familiar with your offerings than others.

  • Knowledge is power. When I wasn’t busy traveling with salespeople, I was busy traveling with FiberTite’s technical experts. Those reps are a wealth of knowledge, helping me build a vocabulary and understanding that helps me connect with clients. I even made a personal dictionary for roofing terminology after picking the brain of one of our experts.

  • Doing is knowing. I could read all the technical data in the world, but until I got out and actually spent time on roof tops and inspected roofs, I couldn’t completely understand it. Seeing how each product and system worked in real-world applications completely broadened my understanding of the roofing industry. I didn’t just learn about FiberTite systems, I also learned about competitors’ products like PVC, TPO, Modified Bitumen, and where each system fits within the industry.

  • Advocate for your customer. The final step (the step I am currently in now) is to apply what you’ve learned to become a valuable resource to your customers. Help them understand the value of your product and what differentiates it—and ultimately why it best meets their needs.

I’ve been told that once you are in the roofing industry, you can’t get out. It’s easy to see why. The roofing industry is constantly growing and evolving to accommodate for the demand of customers seeking long-lasting roofing materials. It’s a fun and dynamic industry. With patience and persistence you can become very successful. Good luck in your journey!

If you want to learn more about FiberTite or our sales process, please contact us.

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