What is a Hybrid Roof System?

Jerry Beall on Feb 10, 2016 9:15:34 AM

Contractors Installing a FiberTite Hybrid Roofing SystemHybrid

noun \ˈhī-brəd\: something that is formed by combining two or more things

In the case of this “multi-ply” Hybrid scenario: 1 + 1 = 3

The notion of hybrid roofing assembly is a simple concept. It assumes that the materials being combined are proven and compatible with one another. We are bringing together two distinctly different roofing systems and concepts to create a new roofing system that combines the best of both.

The FiberTite Hybrid Roof System is essentially a bituminous membrane system with a thermoplastic FiberTite KEE cap-sheet. Let’s face it, even after 30-years of performance, there are some industry professionals that just don’t trust the concept of a “single-ply” membrane protecting their assets.  We’ve all heard or seen the early horror stories associated with single-ply failures. Even though they were primarily over 30-years ago, there are remnants of “the not so ready for prime time” membranes plaguing the market and essentially giving everyone a black eye when they fail, reinforcing the customer’s paradigms that single plies are bad.

In order to address these specific paradigms, Seaman Corporation has developed a multi-ply SBS modified bitumen composite, capped with our FiberTite KEE membrane. A two-ply modified bitumen base composite addresses:

  • The thicker is better paradigm
  • Puncture resistance through increased mass
  • Redundancy for waterproofing and workmanship
  • Construction phasing to allow the other trades to exit the roof prior to the finished membrane being installed

And unlike some of the more common short falls of modified bitumen in general, like poor UV resistance, no resistance to ponding water, poor chemical resistance, poor reflectivity, shrinkage at the laps and costly maintenance, FiberTite Hybrid offers:

  • Proven UV resistance
  • Resistance to ponding water
  • Proven chemical resistance
  • High reflectivity and subsequent energy savings
  • Greater puncture with the fabric barrier (over 4-times the puncture resistance of a 2-ply modified alone and an additional 50% increase in the FiberTite puncture resistance alone)
  • Low maintenance
  • FM approvals for a multi-ply bituminous / thermoplastic roof system

FiberTite offers an inimitable track record as a high performance KEE roofing membrane system.  If our history is not enough to convince you, then check out our Hybrid System for the ultimate multi-ply roof solution.

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