The Fusion of Proven Technologies

A single ply of FiberTite membrane has proven itself in the harshest environments since 1979. Its unique construction provides superior protection against chemicals, grease, ultraviolet light, ponding water, and puncture compared to traditional multi-layer roofing systems.

For even more demanding applications that require redundancy, FiberTite Hybrid Multi-Ply roofing systems combine the proven FiberTite membrane as the cap sheet with FiberTite SBS Modified Bitumen base sheets. This formula provides maximum protection.

FiberTite Fleeceback Cap Sheet

A single FiberTite membrane has an extensive track record of delivering long-lasting protection against chemicals, grease, UV, ponding water and puncture compared to alternatives.

FiberTite SBS Modified Bitumen Base Sheet

For roof specifications that require redundancy, FiberTite offers four proven varieties of FiberTite SBS Modified Bitumen base sheets.