Green Roof Products for Sustainable & Environmentally-Friendly Applications

The recent push for environmentally-friendly infrastructure has impacted the roofing industry with the implementation of green roof structures. Aside from the sustainability and environmental advantages of this roofing system, green roof products aid in water retention efforts, especially in older cities, by preventing runoff from infiltrating a sewer system at a dangerous rate and increasing overflow.

Sustainable FiberTite green roof installations are a popular choice among environmentally-conscious roofing specifiers, providing a beautiful look and tremendous environmental benefits. Contact us to learn more about energy-efficient roofing.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Roofing Systems


Stormwater Control
A rooftop garden can retain as much as 70 percent of rainfall, decreasing the risk of flooding and eliminating sewer and wastewater overflows.
Cleaner Air
Rooftop gardens re-oxygenate the air while removing harmful toxins and pollutants.
Reduction in Urban Heat Island Effect
Unlike dark color roofs, which retain heat, roof vegetation naturally dissipates heat and lowers city temperatures.


Energy Efficiency
Green Roofs provide thermal insulation, cutting down on utility costs.
Extended Roof Life
Green roof installations extend the life of the waterproofing membrane by protecting it from exposure to weathering elements.


Quieter Work Environment
Green Roofs absorb sound, creating a natural noise barrier.
Additional Outdoor Space
Rooftop gardens extend the useful area of the building.

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