Why a Mechanically Attached Roofing System?

A FiberTite mechanically attached roofing system uses insulation fasteners and stress plates that are designed and engineered to secure the insulation and cover boards to steel, wood and concrete roof decks. Mechanically fastened roofs attach primarily with screws and metal plates rather than glue. Offered in standard roll goods, mechanically fastened roofing systems work well in places where a high wind uplift performance is required.

FiberTite earns its name because “Fiber” delivers the membrane’s overall strength. Our high-denier, high-tenacity yarns are packed into a very “Tite” pattern that creates the roofing industry’s toughest base fabric. It’s a far cry from the scrim you’ll find in most reinforced thermal plastics. This fabric foundation makes FiberTite ideal for mechanically fastened roofing systems.

In addition to these systems, learn how FiberTite’s mechanically attached roofing systems stack up against mechanically attached TPO roofs, mechanically attached PVC roofing systems and Modified Bitumen roofing systems.