The Fusion of Proven Technologies: FiberTite Fleeceback Cap Sheet & SBS Modified Bitumen Base

FiberTite Hybrid roofing systems combine the best of two different roofing systems for a superior multi-ply product. The FiberTite Hybrid roof system is a fusion of an SBS modified bitumen composite, capped with our FiberTite KEE membrane. A two-ply modified bitumen base composite addresses:

  • The thicker is better paradigm
  • Puncture resistance through increased mass
  • Redundancy for waterproofing and workmanship
  • Construction phasing to allow the other trades to exit the roof prior to the finished membrane being installed

Unlike some of the more common shortfalls of modified bitumen roofs, such as UV resistance, no resistance to ponding water, poor chemical resistance, poor reflectivity, shrinkage at the laps and costly maintenance, FiberTite Hybrid offers:

  • Low maintenance
  • Proven UV resistance
  • Proven chemical resistance
  • Resistance to ponding water
  • High reflectivity and subsequent energy savings
  • FM approvals for a multi-ply bituminous/thermoplastic roof system
  • Greater puncture with the fabric barrier (over four times the puncture resistance of a two-ply modified alone and an additional 50% increase in the FiberTite puncture resistance alone)

FiberTite Hybrid Multi-Ply roofing systems are ideal for demanding specifications that seek redundancy. For the ultimate multi-ply roof solution, or to speak with one of our experts about our other roofing systems, contact us today.