Ballasted Roof Systems: A Compelling Option for Increased UV and Fire Resistance

An alternative to adhered and mechanically attached systems, FiberTite can also be installed in typical ballast configurations using conventional stone or paver ballast to secure the FiberTite membrane to the roof. Installed over loose laid FiberTite membrane, ballast roof systems reduce membrane exposure to UV rays and increase fire resistance.

The use of ballast is the original method of waterproofing and utilizes dirt, sod, palm leaves and other natural materials to shed water. These items, along with gravel and stones, are subsequently used to ballast rags, paper, felts and membranes on a roof. Ballasted roof systems:

  • Are non-penetrating
  • Can be decorative
  • Can be “green”
  • Are time-tested
  • Are non-combustible (may exclude garden roofs)

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