The Premier Adhered Roofing System

A FiberTite adhered roofing system essentially involves a roof being glued to the surface beneath it. For typical board stock insulation systems, the roofing membrane is often adhered to layers of fiberglass, paper or treated facing materials that are laminated to the board products.

The overall performance of a fully adhered roof is largely dependent upon the multiple layers of adhesive that hold the “composite” together with the fabric sidelined except for its attachment around penetrations and on perimeters of walls and edges. The “composite” and other intermediate components are made up of an endless combination of insulation systems, cover boards, vapor retardants, temporary roof systems and inner strata layers of adhesives. FiberTite offers two basic fully adhered roofs and five types of adhesive along with hot asphalt.

Why FiberTite Adhered?

FiberTite earns its name because “Fiber” delivers the membrane’s overall strength. Our high-denier, high-tenacity yarns are packed into a very “Tite” pattern that creates the roofing industry’s toughest base fabric. It’s a far cry from the scrim you’ll find in most reinforced thermal plastics. This fabric foundation makes FiberTite ideal for adhered roofing systems.

To learn how FiberTite’s fully adhered roof membranes compare to fully adhered TPO, PVC and Mod Bit roofing systems, visit our competitive comparisons page. Contact us to learn more about our roofing systems.