The Look of Metal, the Protection of FiberTite

A FiberTite Simulated Metal Roofing system—also referred to as rib roofing system, contour rib roofing or decorated rib roofing—provides the look of metal and has a proven, long-term track record and thermoplastic welded seams for superior and durable leak protection.

More than 99% of FiberTite roofs are still protecting because we use:
  • Four layers for long-term proven protection.
  • Twice the fiber content for superior puncture resistance versus even Modified Bitumen.
  • A unique adhesive coat that prevents wicking and enables a molecular bond with the face and back coat to prevent delamination.
  • Proprietary face and back coats engineered with DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE-based formula for superior weatherability, chemical resistance and long-term flexibility.
  • A proprietary compound including a coextruded thermally activated KEE (Elvaloy) adhesive strip on the bottom for better adhesion than welding.
Lower Short- and Long-Term Cost
  • Using FiberTite reduces costs for materials, installation and maintenance vs. traditional standing seam metal roofs.
Design Flexibility with No Leaking
  • FiberTite is the only roofing product that meets the industry's most stringent KEE specification — ASTM D6754.
Design with Peace of Mind
  • Because of its flexibility and strength, FiberTite can form to even the most intricate contour.
Simulated Metal Roofing - U.S. Patent No. 9,1031,23
  • Seaman Corporation’s FiberTite Simulated Metal Roofing system is a patented rib roofing system. The patent includes the composite roof system and method of installation. It is the only patented simulated metal roofing system on the market.
  • The decoratead rib roofing system is comprised of our proprietary FiberTite KEE roofing membrane installed over the roof deck and aesthetic profiles simulating an architectural roofing system are installed directly on the membrane using a heat activated hot melted adhesive co-extruded to the back of the profile.

Request a sample to see for yourself why FiberTite is the industry leading single-ply, KEE roofing membrane.